Wheadon Farm Park

Wheadon Farm Park

When I heard there was a farm themed park located in Draper I knew it would be the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon so we packed up our kiddos and we were on our way. It's located right off of Bangerter Parkway you’ll notice a large sign letting you know you’d arrived at Wheadon Farm Park.

The area was a working farm owned by the Wheadon family for most of the 1900s so the Wheadon family wanted the park to have a strong farm theme with opportunities for urban farming, recreation and relaxation.

This 64-acre park has a children’s play area with a barn theme, as you’re walking up or driving by it’s not immediately easy to tell that you’ve arrived at a playground until you notice the various slides coming out of the barn. The barn has areas to climb and explore, there is a loft area that leads to the slides and allows for a lot of imaginative play.

The barn is decorated with various farm animals, farm tools and signs, it definitely adds a lot to the overall theme. One of the signs is a scavenger hunt, which encourages kids to look for 10 objects hidden around the play area.

There are also swings, an actual tractor kids can climb and play on, a smaller slide area perfect for younger kiddos and so much more!

There are restrooms and a large, farm themed covered pavilion that can be rented out for events.

With quite a bit of grassy, green area and a loop trail system with a bridge running over the Jordan canal this is also the perfect place for a picnic dinner or a family walk.

My kids, ages 1 and 3, loved this park and I can already tell it’s one we’ll visit often. We especially loved the barn theme, the tractor and the tire swing.

This park is absolutely worth a visit, even if it’s a bit of a drive for you, pack a lunch or dinner and enjoy the perfect fall weather we’re having, I promise you’ll thank me later!

-Kyra @kyrafree

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