What you said was Awesome in Vernal.

What you said was Awesome in Vernal.

As we were driving to Vernal, we asked YOU what The Salt Project had to see! We weren't able to visit as many as we wanted, but we did visit some, all because you told us so. We will be posting about our adventures soon but we had so many recommendations, that we decided to make a round-up of your Vernal Favorites!

  1. Fantasy Canyon - MULTIPLE people recommended this!
  2. 7-11 Ranch Restaurant
  3. Betty's Cafe
  4. Main Street Flowers
  5. Paddle Boarding at Red Fleet
  6. Ashley Valley Park
  7. Little Sweet Pea
  8. Heritage Museum (Visited)
  9. Library
  10. Field House Museum (Visited)
  11. Pink Dinosaur (Visited)
  12. http://www.dinoland.com/
  13. Green Dinosaur (Visited)
  14. Great Harvest Bread (Visited)
  15. Antica Formica (Italian/Pizza) (Visited)
  16. Swains Bros (Steakhouses)
  17. The Brewery
  18. Dino Tracks at Red Fleet
  19. River Float
  20. Flaming Gorge
  21. Don Pedro's (Mexican)
  22. Tacos el Gordo (Mexican)
  23. Jade Lion (Chinese)
  24. Get Glazed Donuts (Visited)
  25. Due-Shane
  26. Moonshine Arch (Visited)
  27. Vernal Rocks (Visited)
  28. VernAl the kids
  29. Quarry Restaurant
  30. Fish Hatchery
  31. The Cabins at the KOA

We had some fun with the local towns names. We asked you how to pronounce "Duchesne"

  1. Doo-Shane
  2. Dew-Shane
  3. Do-Shane
  4. Doo Shane

Also, how does one pronounce "Roosevelt?"

  1. Rose ev velt
  2. Rooseevelt
  3. Roosevelt- Just like the president

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