UEA/Fall Break/Who knows what it is called.

UEA/Fall Break/Who knows what it is called.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Well, have you checked our The Salt Project Facebook Feed? Or Perhaps our Instagram Account? Or searched our map on SaltProject.co? Did you know we have a calendar on our website? Or just plain searched The Salt Project? Search for a county, city, museum, rainy, parks, just to name a few!

Here's a couple oldies but goodies we've posted about. Happy Break!

Antelope Island

Minnetonka Cakes

Black Island Farms

Beehive Bakery

Clark Planetarium

Take a Drive on the Mountains!

Hike to Patsy's Mine

Pink Coral Sand Dunes

Go to the Drive-In Movie

Lotus Temple


Museum of Natural Curiosity

Go to Bryce Canyon or any of the 5 National Parks in Utah!

UMFA is having a free class this MFA!

Gardner Village

Spiral Jetty

Air Force Museum

Glitter Mountain

Visit Pine Valley, because you probably didn't know this existed.

You could go for a day, a few days, or just a few hours. There is SOO much to do in Utah. So get out there. Go.


Or check out a few of our other favorite Utah websites. Utah Mom Connection, Davis County Moms, Utah Valley Moms, Salt Lake Moms, I heart Salt Lake, Things 2 do in Utah, Utah's Adventure Family.


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