Tips for getting out with Kids

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Tips for getting out with Kids

It's the dead of winter, the sun hasn't shined in forever, you are pretty sure that the sun is never coming back. The inversion makes everything gloomy. You haven't left the house in days, the kids are crazy.

Or maybe, you are new mom, maybe a brand new mom, maybe a new mom of 3. Either way, we've got tips on how to get you adventuring.

Pack Simply

This tip comes mainly because I hate packing for outings. Tiny Ziploc bags filled with Cheerios, squeezable pouches, wet wipes, pacifier wipes, extra pacifiers, toys for the car ride, toys for when the kids get cranky, books, juice boxes, a picnic lunch. Goodness. No outing is worth the effort it takes to pack all that!

Unless we’re planning to be out during lunchtime, I usually only pack a few key things. A large water bottle for all of us to share, one granola bar for each kid, an extra diaper for the baby and some wet wipes. That's it.

What I've come to learn is that if I bring all the extra stuff my kids spend our entire outing begging for all the extra stuff. This is not only crazy annoying but it also makes it hard for any of us to enjoy our outing.

When we leave all the extra stuff at home, it's easier for my kids to focus on the entertainment of the outing which makes it more fun for all of us.

Start small

If you or your kids aren't used to adventuring, don't feel like you have to do some crazy all-day event. Start with a simple trip to library story time or visit a new park.

Pick something that's easy to get to and easy to leave. Just stay as long as you're all having fun. If that's twenty minutes, don't sweat it. You got out! That's a win!

Every time I have a new baby it's always incredibly scary to take all my kids anywhere- I never know how they're going to act or if I'm going to be able to handle all of them. That's why we always start small with a trip to the park.

If all goes well, we'll try something a little more intense like a trip to the grocery store. Before I know it I'm taking all the kids on a hike in the mountains.

You'll get there, just start small.

Know your limits

There have been many, many times where I've taken my kids out and they've been nightmares. I get frustrated and don't understand why they're being so cranky...and then I realize I've tried to take them out during nap time. For me, kids without naps and adventuring just don't mix. All outings must be scheduled around nap time because I just can't take cranky kids out. It just doesn't work for us. Maybe your kids aren't good without naps either. That's ok. Know your limits and work around them.

Leave early enough to be back in time for naps or go after they wake up. All kids have some limits. I've found it's helpful to recognize those and work around them as best you can.

If you do end up somewhere with kids needing naps, be sure to have your appropriate gear.

My youngest may be ready to nap and his older siblings are not even close. Luckily, he'll sleep in either the stroller or some kind of baby carrier.

Just go

Stephanie and I were at an event together a while ago. We talked about how it had been a rough week for both of us. We weren't super thrilled to be heading out for an outing that night but we went anyway. I kid you not, we had one of the most fun nights of the year that night.

I've never, ever regretted getting out with my kids. It's not always easy and I don't always feel like going but I promise, getting out is the hardest part!

There's nothing like making unique memories with your kids and seeing the joy on their faces as they experience something new.

Just go, you'll be so happy you did!

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