Saltair | Adventurin'

Saltair | Adventurin'

We were headed to the Lantern Fest in Tooele and couldn't pass up an opportunity to stop and explore Saltair.

It was the windiest day in history.

Ok, maybe not history, but Farmington ended up getting 90 mph winds that night and many of our neighbors lost tree's, some lost their roofs!

The kids didn't mind the wind.

We walked around Saltair and then headed to the Great Salt Lake to explore.

The water level was low so it was a bit of a walk to the water. But worth it.

The salt flats are so beautiful.

Saltair used to be a resort back when The Great Salt Lake used to reach its shores. Now, it's mainly used a concert hall. Read more about its history here.

And there is so much space to run and explore. 


Visitor Info

Helpful Tips: 
  • No bathrooms (unless venue is open for a concert)
  • Free parking (unless venue is open for a concert)
  • Pets welcome

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