Salt Project Bonus Baby Giveaway

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Salt Project Bonus Baby Giveaway

We loved sharing our MUST HAVE BABY ITEMS FOR 2017! Check out List 1, List 2, List 3, and List 4 for with our Gender Neutral Baby Nursery REVEAL!

Now for the fun part, we have teamed up with these amazing companies to bring you our biggest giveaway of the year!

Entering to win is simple, Just follow The Salt Project on Twitter and Facebook to qualify and then head to Instagram to enter to win the items you want! So easy!



Here are a few of the items that made our Must Have List! Be sure to check out the links above for all the reasons why we love them.

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Kay Johnson
My baby is due January 19th! I'm a first time mom and need all he help I can get! This is an awesome giveaway.
I had my little june 11, but he doesn't have a crib yet and I'm obsessing over that davinci crib! Gorgeous
Would love to win the crib!
Shaylee H
I just had a little boy, after having a girl, in late spring and he has nothing for a bedroom. He sleeps in my room till he's older so it works for now!
Meredith Klobucnik
October 3rd, I've dreamed of owning one of these cribs for as long as I can remember. So dreamy.
Lisa kingsford
I am not pregnant, but we are trying. A little nervous for how expensive babies can be because my husband just graduated from college and this would help us out a lot with our college debts. I would love everything, but really am interested in the stroller and crib!
Kierste Carter
Dying over the Jenny Lind crib! Due Feb 8th with baby number 3 and my nephew is currently sleeping in the crib my boys used, so winning would be amazing!!!
Love the made by Mary necklace! And the Moccs are so cute! 01/27/2018
In the process of trying to conceive and already I am giddy. Pretty sure my husband is going to take away my credit card so I won't buy anything baby before we get a new one. Have a toddler, but so excited to have another baby join my family.
I am due with baby #3 in December. I would love the Levana Monitor! Thank you!
Nicole Zerbini
My sister-in-law is due in February and we are currently trying to get pregnant. We are both starting fresh so any/all baby goodies would be such a blessing. <3
Gabby Anderson
I want a dockatot ice heard so many good things. My baby is almost 1 but my husband and I plan on having 1 more soon
I had my baby in March, I'd love the Freshly picked moccasins!! I'd give the other things to my friend who is having a baby in February! :)
What a darling nursery, I have two boys and another one on the way so this would be an epic win!!
Shilpi badoni
Baby was born in 12/20/2016
Just had my baby! Every single thing in this post is perfect.
Brooke Berger
The baby is due October 28
Brooke Berger
The baby due October 28
I'm due in March and can't pick just one favorite item!
I just had our 4th baby on June 11th! She is our 1st girl and we all love her so much! I'm used to keeping hand me downs for each kid, so I want all things girly! I want a new crib and mattress for when she starts sleeping in the nursery.
Kelsey vinson
My niece is due in February! But we also plan on trying for another baby in the near future. Love the Crib!!
My baby is due in November! I would be so happy to win anything but I would be super excited about the monitor or the diaper bag or the freshly picked moccasins! But everything is amazing!
Kimberly Pech
I'm not expecting but My Sister Kelly had my new Nephew on My Birthday August 7th. I know for her breastfeeding is very important. I think she would love to try the Milkful Lactation Bars. It would be convienant and nice for her to try. Especially with her going back to work in a few weeks. Thank you guys so much for all your wonderful ideas. It's so Great to be apart of this Awesome Community.
McKenzie Cherrington
This giveaway is unreal!!! I have loved reading about these awesome brands!!
Dandi D
My 3rd is due at the end of October, and I would love to have a new pack n play or bassinet for this one!
Em Mahr
Our little one is due in early December. I'd really like to get a baby monitor.
Tara Peterson
What an awesome gathering of the coolest baby brands and items! I am loving that crib for one, such a gorgeous color. I love the Cocoa and Kiwi bag also, and Dwell and Slumber makes the best gowns. I am due in December with our third baby & first girl so these are some great ideas. I'd love to try the milky bars too for nursing! Kindred Bravely has some awesome bras, I just got a couple of the sleeping/nursing bras off Amazon and they are sooo soft and comfy, I definitely need more! Thanks for the chance !!
Sarah Spjut-Wilcox
I would love to win the tranquility mat or the snoozypod. We are due 10/18/17 and excited to meet baby girl
Brittany Pinheiro
I love the baby monitor. Since my last baby things have changed so much in 10 years. I would love this when baby is due in November
Caitlin Miller
My baby was born on 6/16/16. There are so many great items in this giveaway, but if I had to pick just one, it'd be the Made by Mary necklace!


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