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Operation Secret Service Ninjas | UMFA

We’ve been searching high and low for service opportunities for children this season. We found a great one and, thanks to the help of The Salt Project readers, we were able to donate over 300 Decoration and Craft Kits to the children at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Toys, games and activities help make the children at Primary Children’s Hospital feel more comfortable during their stay. It would be hard enough to spend your Holidays in the hospital so we were really excited at the chance to bring just a little bit of joy to their days at Primary Children’s Hospital.

There are so many ways to serve the children at Primary Children’s Hospital. You can refer to their Donation Wish List for a list of items they’d love to have donated. You can also check out their Items to Make page which gives ideas and instructions for things you can make the children at Primary Children’s. They even have a page dedicated to ideas for Eagle Scout Projects.

We really wanted our children to have an active hand in serving the children of Primary Children’s so we decided to pick something we knew they could help with, Decoration and Craft Kits. Decoration and Craft Kits are kits that have all the supplies needed for a child to assemble right there in the hospital. It’s a small way to keep their hands busy and take their mind off of all that’s going on.

We chose to make 5 different kinds of Decoration and Craft Kits.

  • Stick Puppets
  • Felt Christmas Trees
  • Contact Paper Suncatchers (a craft our kids loved at Tracy Aviary’s Halloween Hoot)
  • Feather Turkeys
  • Pony Bead Bracelets

If you want to create some Decoration and Craft Kits for Primary Children’s, go ahead and copy our ideas or visit their Pinterest Page for some inspiration.

Creating Decoration and Craft Kits for Primary Children’s can be a simple and easy way to serve but we couldn’t help thinking big on this one. We knew we couldn’t assemble a lot all by ourselves so we called on the help of our amazing readers!

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts was kind enough to let us use their craft studio which gave us enough room to invite you all along! They were kind enough to provide some crafts to entertain those that needed a break from assembling. They also let us get out their incredible collection of toys for the kids too young to help. They really helped out so much!

We planned to assemble kits for 3 hours but with all the help, it only took us a little over an hour! You guys were so amazing! All the kids jumped right in and helped with smiles on their faces the entire time. They were so excited to serve other kids.

Fetchin Gretchin won 30 lbs of suckers in an online contest. Since her kids couldn’t eat all those suckers alone, she brought them along to donate to the kids at Primary Children’s. When we dropped these babies off, Primary Children’s was so excited to receive them! Such a great idea Gretchin!

After all was said and done, and all our 300 kits were assembled, we headed to Primary Children’s to drop them off.

Now, if you’re wanting to donate to Primary Children’s, you’ll want to know where to go. My GPS totally failed me on this one so I’ll save you the embarrassment of asking the valet parking men for directions.

Donations can be dropped off during business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm) at their Outpatient Services Building (81 N Mario Capecchi Dr). As you drive along Mario Capecchi Dr, You’ll see a big sky bridge. If you’re headed North, take a left immediately after the sky bridge. If you’re headed South, take a right just before the skybridge. You’ll turn onto a road that will lead you to a round about and a parking garage with a sign that says “Primary Children’s Outpatient Services VISITOR PARKING. This is where you’ll park. Take the elevator inside the parking garage to Level 1, The Lobby. Once you come out of the elevator, you’ll see a big information desk. This is right where you’ll drop off your donated items.

Thanks for all your help! We seriously could not have done it without all of you! Our readers are the best there are!

Special Thanks to UMFA for letting us use their dreamy creative room to assemble our crafts and meet. 


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