Midway Hot Springs | Midway Staycation

Midway Hot Springs | Midway Staycation

If you've been following The Salt Project, you know we especially love Hot Springs, especially, Harmony. Be sure to read about the other Hot Springs we visit here.

From the side of the road in Midway, this doesn’t look like much, but I think that’s what makes this place magical. As you walk down the snow pathways you’ll find a few large, LARGE boulders that hide this little oasis. I overhead some folks say that it's just recently opened and they've done a bunch of work to the property, like bring in giant boulders.

We were lucky that another mama was there with her 4 kiddos, so she could give us the run down of how the place works.

(Aiko's & my swimsuits are from RAD Swimwear, the Hallie tankini. So comfy, and super fun to be matchy-match.)

The Hot Springs ARE on private property, but the owners have said it’s open to the public. As long as you keep it cleaner than when you came, all is well. There is one main hot pot, that feeds into the river and it’s pretty hot.

We heard a few say that it’s about 115 degrees, but I was able to sit in the hot pot for a while, so I don’t think it’s quite that hot. It is definitely way to hot for kids and even my husband, so don’t get in that main hot pot first.

There are two horse troughs that you can fill with buckets to help the kids acclimate to the heat. We even dumped in the snow to help cool it off. The troughs were the perfect temperature for the kids under 7 and we even took tiny baby V (9months) for a dip in the tub.

The older three kids (7-11 yrs) took to the river to swim. Seriously, it was magical. There’s something about being in your swimsuit, sitting in the sun in 29-degree weather. I was actually worried about the kids getting sunburned (and my redhead friend Stephanie.)

The kids ran around picking up snow and throwing it at each other.

The mamas basked in the sun and swam in the river.

I was actually surprised at how much foot traffic there was. We were there 2+ hours and we probably saw 3-4 families come through with kids. So it’s definitely a kid friendly place.

The kids spent most of their time happily playing in the troughs.

While we swam without shoes, our fellow local mama there did mention that sometimes there can be glass, so be sure to wear some water shoes just in case. My feet did get pretty tender just walking all around the grounds and over the rocks.

With all hot springs, be sure to take plenty of water to stay hydrated! Hot Springs are very cleansing and detox the body, so be sure to keep hydrated.

Especially, the tiny people.

I'm always surprised that AFTER swimming, I'm not really that cold, and even the kids don't notice it. (It was 29 degrees outside.) We just had the kids wear their boots and swimsuits in and out.

Oh, beware, sometimes at hot springs (in general) there will be nudists. (While it appears we nude above, well, maybe baby V is.) In all my hot spring travels we've never come across nudists, but apparently, it's more of a night time activity.

I wished we lived closer, I’d probably go EVERY Winter Day.

We are trying to contact the owner and see if it's okay that we publicly post the address, so we aren't going to post it. You'll want to sign up for a newsletter, because we'll release it there if we do get to share the address.


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Tara Hickenlooper
Okay these hot springs look amazing!! I hope I'm not too late in signing up for a newsletter to figure out the location on these. So glad I found your blog. I'm excited to read up on more fun things to do in here in UT.

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