Melinda's Top 10 from 2015

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Melinda's Top 10 from 2015

The Pizza Cart

We have completely fallen in love with these guys. We have family in Southern Utah and every single time this year that we went to or were passing through Cedar City, our kids begged us to stop and get their pizza. Amazingly yummy food and such awesome owners!

Hiking Flag Rock

Quick, fun hike that doesn't take long to get to and that ends with a cool feature mine for the kids to explore, a meaningful accomplishment and monument with an amazing view. I have found that I prefer hiking to something, rather than just along a trail that meanders and circles back. I like the satisfaction of reaching an end point destination and this was a cool one!


My kids seriously went there at least three times in the past few months. They absolutely LOVE it! My husband and I got an amazing workout chasing each other around trying to get one another out, it was a blast for the entire family!

Kanarraville Falls Hike

This has been one of my favorite hikes since I first discovered it back in college. I still love it and can't get enough of the red rocks, mini slot canyon, waterfall ladder and natural water slide. It really is the best and just the perfect distance that the kids could handle, and I still felt like I got enough of a physical challenge.

Utah Children's Theatre

We just discovered these guys this year and my kids have been to 5 of their plays already. Our favorite play thus far was Zorro, but my kids are looking forward with great anticipation to Tom Sawyer and Amelia Bedelia, coming this spring. I may have to look into season tickets in the future!

Museum of Natural Curiosity

This one is just unimaginably fun for kids. I remember going to a children's museum that consisted of nothing more than a mini grocery store when I was a child and still recall that trip as one of my fondest memories. This place blows anything I ever saw out of the water, every time we've been my kids spend the entire day open to close running around in a state of pure bliss and imagination.

Midway Ice Castles

I used to live in Minnesota as a kid and remember going to see ice sculptures and shows, but visiting Midway's Ice Castles last year was a whole new experience. The kids loved the little ice slides and meeting the Frozen characters. I was blown away with our walk through an icy version of Utah's slot canyons. It really was a magical night!

Coral Springs

It had been awhile since our family had gone on an actual vacation, it seems like most of our vacation days are spent with family or on little day trips, and a night away with just our kiddos was long overdue. Coral Springs was the perfect refresher and really brought our family closer together. My goal this year is to plan more quick, easy staycations for our little family.

Camping Fail

It really was a total failure in terms of our original plans, but the camping trip we took over the summer in our own backyard ended up being so memorable and will always hold a special place in my heart. I love simple bonding experiences with the family and this one proved it doesn't matter where you are, only who you are with!

Slide the City

I'd never experienced anything like Slide the City before. I LOVE summer water activities, I was the little fish child growing up that always wanted to be in water and this summer we had a blast hanging out with our older kids and getting to participate in such a unique event.


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