Layton Park Duck Pond or Layton Commons Park

Layton Park Duck Pond or Layton Commons Park

After our Field Trip to Great Harvest Bread Co. we wanted to go say "hey" to some of our duck friends.  We brought some bread from home, because we didn't to give them the good stuff we just made!  The birds will just SWARM you.  It's kind of unsettling, because, some of the geese come right up to you, like right next you. . . that's when you hurry and throw the bread so they won't try to eat you or something. 

Stephanie and her family have owned quite a few ducks.  Something about those cute little ducklings all fluffy and cute....

Layton Park is a lovely place.  They have some play grounds, a ton of ducks, geese, swans (watch out for the black one!) and a whole bunch of green grass.  It's also a great place for some impromptu family photos!

There is also an amphitheater, bridges, walkways and a bunch of other fun stuff!  Check out their website here for more photos. 


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