Homestead Resort Winter Staycation Giveaway

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Homestead Resort Winter Staycation Giveaway

The Salt Project was hosted by the Homestead Resort in Midway for a quick Staycation. We went up mainly for the Ice Castles and the Homestead Resort, but you know we had to hit as many places as possible. We've laid out our itinerary for you to follow along! 

Dairy Keen | Heber City

We've been to Dairy Keen in the past, a few times in fact. This place is always packed and an attraction itself. The kids can't get enough of all the trains.

Ice Castles | Midway | Homestead Resort

Day or night, these Ice Castles will stun you.

Homestead Resort | Midway

This historic, charming area will make you feel right at home.

Dottie's Kolaches Co. | Heber City

MMMMmmm. Be sure to stop at one of Heber City's favorite places for Kolaches and drinks!

Midway Hot Springs | Midway

Süss Cookie Company | Midway

These cookies will change your life. The Salt Project's FAVORITE Cookie place of all time.

If you are looking for a quick getaway in a small, charming, historic area, be sure to check out our past articles about Heber City & Midway. While they are two different towns, you will definitely want to go from town to town and check out the Swiss Area. We've been in Summer and Winter and it's charming either season.


We're super excited to team up with The Homestead Resort and Dottie's Kolaches to giveaway this awesome staycation!

To enter, leave a comment below about what you are most excited for in Midway! For additional entries, enter on Instagram. Winner will be contacted directly. Ends 1/17/18. Happy entering!

The Salt Project


Jaime Kirk Warner
Love this resort! Would love to come back!! I have never been to the ice castles and have been interested in doing that... Also those cookies look amazing!! I need a family getaway!!! Fingers crossed ;)
Emily S
The ice castles for sure, but everything sounds amazing!
Julie Johnson
We love The Homestead! Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!
Lauren Elkins
I would absolutely love to take my kids to the ice castles and it's been at least a year since I've been to Dairy Keen!
Lisa Topham
I love the Homestead Resort!
De Robison
So fun....all of it! Can’t decide which to look forward to because it’s all so great.
A getaway to the Homestead in beautiful Midway, with a therapeutic soak in the crater and hot springs...what a lovely idea!
Kaylie denny
A staycation with all the idyllic places of midway is just what we need!!
Natalie Clark
While i adore EVERYTHING about this giveaway, I’m most excited for the ice castles. I’ve been before but only to see the exterior. I’d loooooove to go inside! Also, the enormous hot tub at the Homestead pool isn’t too shabby.
Amber Barley
The only way this could get better is if we could get snowed in up there!
Grace Burby
Love the itinerary you guys suggested. Great way to explore the area and the food
Kourtney Bond
I now have an excuse to go up to the ice castles! I’d love to take my little boy!!
Kathryn Brown
I would Love to take my kids to the Homestead!!❤️
Misty Morris
Excellent giveaway! I am excited about the soak. And of course, my family would love to see the ice castles Thanks. AMFM_RadioCachers on Instagram
Misty Morris
Excellent giveaway! I'm excited for the soak and my entire family would love to see the ice castles! Thanks. AMFM_RadioCachers on Instagram
LaRue Kennedy
I’m obsessed with Dairy Keen!! They have the best shakes in Utah!
The hot springs look amazing!
We would love the ice castles and the cookies.
Trisha koffman
My little family would love love love this staycation. We live in salt lake and our favorite little getaway is midway.
This looks like exactly what our family needs this time of year! I love the idea of a staycation after Christmas, when Spring is still months away. What a wonderful way to celebrate winter, and our amazing state! The Homestead is such a great place for families too.
I've always wanted to see the ice castles! That and a good long soak in the mineral pools sounds like a dream!!
Mandi Coombs
This would be so much fun! My parents took me to the Homestead for my 16th birthday and I've wanted to take our kids! (Instagram: @inquisitivefox)
Candice K
We have lived in Utah for 10 years and haven't been able to check out all the Amazing things Utah/Midway has to offer. We've seen it on social media and would Love to experience these things in person. This would be a dream come true!❤️❤️❤️
In desperate need of a getaway. This looks fabulous! Can't wait it explore the ice castles with my girls.
Tammy Cooper
My family loves taking drives up to Midway. I have always wanted to stay at the Homestead Resort as my parents honeymooned there back in the '70s and loved it. I've heard nothing but great reviews. What a fun giveaway!
The stay at homestead resort sounds wonderful. We have a one year old so my husband and I haven't done anything like that in a long time.
I love midway and especially love getting a kolache From Dottie’s and then seeing the ice castles. Pick me! Pick me!
I'm most excited for the ice castles! We've never been, and I'm sure my four girls would love it!
Cam W
I wanna go to the hot springs!
Rhonda Mullins
I can't decide what I'm most excited about because we love all things Midway and would love a getaway. I would love to stay at the Homestead, though.


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