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Hobo Hammocks | Adventurin'

Harmony here!

We're kind of new at this whole hammock thing. I even bought my husband a hammock for Father's Day last year, maybe two years ago, thinking it would be awesome. While it was awesome the three times we've used it, it's mainly spent its sad little life in our storage room. My sister Hali, has been "hammocking" (is that even the right word?) for four years now and we're slowly starting to embrace it. Really, it is SO much fun. 

Auntie Hali always has her hammock in the car and seems to find a place to hang it up for the kids. My kids LOVE it. I love it too. Actually, something about just relaxing and swaying...lulls ya right to sleep. It's mainly laziness I suppose and the fact that we don't have the right straps that we don't really set the hammock up often. 

Never fear, Auntie Hali is always prepared. We took a family vacation up to Island Park and actually brought our hammock and she set it up IN the cabin. It's a good thing too, because there was a foot of SNOW that fell overnight. 

I've made it a new goal now that it's summer to take it out more on our Salt Project Adventures. Really, you can hang a hammock almost anywhere! (Some places don't like you hanging them on trees.)

We've kind of been stalking this Instagram account, Hobo_Hammocks. You should check it out. They stack hammocks and then climb up them..it's crazy. With Auntie Hali and Hobo_Hammocks being our inspiration, you'll be seeing The Salt Project "hanging" a lot more!

Don't know where to get a hammock? Be sure to hit up Hobo Hammocks Kickstarter Campaign! Jake's a local guy from Utah trying to feed the homeless through Hobo Hammocks. For every hammock sold, they'll take a hot meal to a homeless person. 

If you are already a hanging family, be sure to tag #thesalproject and #hobohammocks, we'd love to see your photos. 

Happy hanging!


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