Harry Potter | Christmas in the Wizarding World

Harry Potter | Christmas in the Wizarding World

It's that time of year, holiday events are kicking off left and right! (Contains Affiliate Links.)

If you or your kids are a fan of Harry Potter you are truly going to love this holiday event!

The Shops at South Town in Sandy have added some Wizarding Magic to everybody's holiday shopping season! Today is the opening day of the Harry Potter Christmas in the Wizarding World retail experience. On the lower level East side of the shops near the entrance to JCPenney you will find a wintry magical village similar to Hogsmeade.

The outside of the village has a number of window displays from iconic shops like Honeydukes and Madam Padifoots tea shop! Some of the window displays have animated features which really add to the magical atmosphere.

Inside the village you will find unique Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise along with some great holiday ornaments and candies. Make sure to pop into Ollivander's wand shop to find a large assortment of authentic recreation wands like Harry Potter's, Hermione Granger's, Albus Dumbledore's, Newt Scamander's and Queenie Goldstein's.

You can even learn a few new spells from the Wandkeeper that add some extra Christmas cheer to your wand shopping experience! If you are looking for that perfect gift for a diehard Harry Potter fan this is where you will find it, branded collectibles, school robes, house sweaters and unique jewelry!

After you visit Ollivanders don't forget to play a game of Quidditch and decide which school house wins the Quidditch cup. This is really more than just a retail shop, it's an awesome family experience sure to delight Harry Potter fans of all ages!

Christmas in the Wizarding World runs now through January 31st 2018 with a number of magical events planned such as Wizarding Wednesdays, Thanksgiving Pie contest and showings of the Harry Potter movies.

For more details visit The Shops at South Town website.

Be sure to #thesaltproject! We'd love to see our fellow Harry Potter Fans!


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