Harmony's Utah Hat Collection

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Harmony's Utah Hat Collection

I, my friends, have a hat problem. I wear hats 50% or more during the week, while my husband wears them 90% of the week. I even wear hats to church (pretty ones.) It started years ago when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were super young and super cool and wore newspaper boy hats. So I did too.

I'm not going to tell you how many hats the husband and I own, but I am going to share my favorite Utah hats. There isn't much the husband and I have in common, we are complete opposites, but we do share our love for hats.

In no particular order, here are my top Utah hats. (Well one isn't Utahn, but represents Utah WELL.)

  1. Fry Sauce Hats  I mean, check out all the different Utah ones!
  2. Ogden Made I would say this is our "Fancy-Occasion-Hat." Ya know, for those dress up kind of days.
  3. Utah is Rad  I've been wearing their gear quite a while now...this hat is always a go-to for it's lightness and buffalo.
  4. The Salt Project  Because who doesn't love this soft beanie?
  5. Patagonia Fitz Roy Bison Trucker Hat If you know me at all, you know I love all things Buffalo.
  6. Status Brand Inspired for the name of Golf, with a nod to streetwear. We aren't golfers, but a sweet locally made hat!
  7. The Sign Garage One of the NEWEST additions to my beloved collection. I bought some for gifts and thought it was high time I had one. And. Buffalo.
  8. Utah.com My husband seems to wear this one the most, he even matches it with a Moab shirt.

There you have it friends. All my favorite hats in one spot.

Best part too...is I've got discounts for some of them!

  1. Fry Sauce Hats : SALTFREESHIP - For Free Shipping!
  2. Status Brand : Saltproject 15% off your order + FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE! (Always)
  3. Ogden Made : SaltProject 10% off.



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