Harmony's Top 10 of 2015

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Harmony's Top 10 of 2015

It's crazy, thinking it's now been a little over a year. I feel like instead of checking things off my bucket list, it just GREW instead! I've been asking the locals "What did you grow up doing in this city?" I just kind of stare at them until they answer...usually, they don't have much to say. I find it a personal challenge for The Salt Project.

We need to cover more ground for sure. 

While I went through all the posts from the past year, I somehow managed to pick out my absolute favorites. 

Queen Gardens Loop

If you've read my posts, you know I was just a little bit more than obsessed about this trip. This hike blew me away. While my husband wasn't with us on this trip, we still made some awesome memories with Grandma and Grandpa. If you haven't been to Bryce Canyon National Park, you need to add this to your life. While I was hiking the last mile or so, I met a man from China. We talked for a minute and I asked him why he came to Utah. He looked at me a little crazily and said "Rich Parents." Laughing, I was still blown away that some rich parents would send their son around the world, just to come and visit Utah. 

Ogden's Farmers Market

I had forgotten all about this trip. I actually think this is our only girl date in the last year. Usually, if we go somewhere, we have little brother, the dog or the husband. I didn't realize how special this was to me until I watched the video and realized, I need to have more one-on-one time with each of my kids. Watching her watching everyone else was something else. I kind of just let her do her own thing and choose where we went. Being her sassy two year old self, I'd say she managed quite well as leader. 

Young Living Farms

I've driven I-15 for many years, whether it is to Disneyland, Las Vegas or Cedar City, but somehow, we always just drove right on pass Young Living Farms. There isn't much to look at in Central Utah from I-15, but one day, we finally stopped and found ourselves in a magical little world. I've decided that we'll stop and visit multiple throughout the years, especially since it is FREE.

Slide The City

Man, since Melinda and Stephanie have already posted about this, it must be good right?! Because....seriously. I still have slip 'n' slide parties at my grandma's for adults, but this was completely epic. It's totally worth every dollar and a little bit of sunburn. 

Krishna Temple

I know, I know, this is kind of weird. But I am weird and get strangely excited about little gems like this. Maybe it's because I loved the architecture, or the fact that I've only heard about this place for years. Either way, I was super happy visiting this amazing Temple. I love new experiences and learning about cultures and this had it all. From the Llama petting zoo to the small buffet food, it was perfect. 

Natural History Museum of Utah

It's not very often I get my extended family to come on my Salt Project Adventures. This time, I somehow managed to wrangle my mom, aunt, sisters, brother and even my husband to visit the Museum. It was in the middle of winter and we were all a little grumpy from being inside so much. This building is amazing. The building itself is self sustaining by being built into the side of a mountain and then the displays inside?! SHEESH, you guys, you just have to go and visit. The rock displays, the interactive displays...so much cool history you can spend hours there. 

Hyrum City Park

So long ago it seems we found this magical little park on our way up to Hardware Ranch. I can't believe I haven't been back. It's the perfect place for a snow picnic or some family pictures. 

Flag Rock Hike

This hike was epic. We heard about this hike from YOU! We had already hiked to Patsy's Mine but now we were ready to take it to the next level. We grabbed some of our friends and hiked up this mountain, probably a little later than we should have. Luckily, we had some flashlights that we used in the mines so we made it down in the dark just fine. It's a slightly strenuous hike, especially if you are carrying children, so just be aware. 


Everything is so much more fun with kids it seems. Had I brought just my husband a few years ago, I probably wouldn't have the same happy memories. While I would have been ecstatic, he probably would have feigned boredom and made me leave early. Fairyland was a perfect little haven for me. I spend much of my time reading, especially fantasy books, so I half expected a dragon to come out while guarding the little fairy houses, it was that cool. 

Zion Half Day

I love Zion. If there is one park in all of Utah you should see, it is Zion National Park. If you have half a day, there is still plenty of hiking you can do to truly grasp the majesty of Zion. I've done many of the hard hikes and finally did some of the easier, shorter hikes because of our kids. It still made me gasp because the scenery changes so much throughout the park.


So there you have it. My favorite 10 of all last year. What were some of your favorite posts? Did you get a chance to check off some of your Utah Bucketlist?


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