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Giveaway | Pig and a Jelly Jar | Utah Museum of Fine Arts

You know that The Salt Project loves the Utah Fine Arts Museum.

Especially, if you read our previous post about it here. (Which you should, because it comes with a funny story.)

So we've got 5 day passes for one lucky reader. Continue reading to see how to enter!

Pig and a Jelly Jar

Reviewed by Stephanie and Fam

I kind of have a thing for waffles and chicken. So when I heard about Pig and a Jelly Jar I put it on my list of places to try.

The shop is intimate, locally owned, oh, and they make homemade jelly 'in house'!

With amazing combinations like Strawberry Coconut and my personal favorite Blueberry Lavender.

Oh, you definitely have to try the fried pickles and fried green tomatoes (It's not just a movie!) because YUM!

I was hooked on this place before my waffle even arrived!

All the kids ordered waffles of course.

They came with their own tiny syrup, which they loved!

I couldn't resist the fried egg and bacon to top off my already incredible waffle and chicken combination.

You guy... there are no words. I mean. no. words.

Yes. It was that good.


Okay, time for our weekly giveaway!  Today we have 5 day passes to the Utah Fine Arts Museum and a $25 Gift Card to Pig and a Jelly Jar.  Be sure to give a valid e-mail and check back on Monday to see if you've name appears! You'll need to enter the Raffle below.  Giveaway ends this Saturday at 11:59

Visitor Info

Mon-Wed 7:30am - 3:30pm
Thurs-Sun 7:30am - 9:00pm
Helpful Tips: 

Pig II will be opening in Ogden on Historic 25th Street!

(385) 202-7366


I am super excited about an Ogden location! Can't wait to try it out! For the website the one suggestion I wounder make would be to make it easier to search by town or county-like if I am going up to Logan I could check out cache county to see what we could get in. Kind of like how now you can search by different categories of activities.
Glenda! Thanks! If you'll check at the bottom or each post there are "tags." You can always click on those as well. We're working on a map feature as well!
Very true-I thought about the tags after I posted that! I just love how easy it is to search by "type" of activity from the links at the top, but a map feature would be really cool too!
We love your blog! Thank you for sharing all of the great places you find along the Wasatch Front. It helps this mom of year-round school kids immensely!
Brittany Walker
I would love to win. We just moved to Utah 6 months ago and we need some places to go! :)
Candice Sano
We need you to expand to box elder/cache county!
Send us some ideas!
Mandy A.
I love this site! There's so many great ideas. The only thing I would suggest is to somehow label your posts or activities with a recommended age range (i.e. toddlers, school-age, etc.). I have three under three, and although I would love to plant trees with them, it's not likely to happen because my kids are crazy. I'd like to be able to search for places and such geared towards my brood. But, p.s. I really do love this!
I feel ya...we've had ideas for age recommendations, we'll be working harder on it!
Your blog is so awesome! I'm pretty new to following you guys but I love hearing about all the fun activities and places to go! I've been telling everyone to follow you!
Jackie Smith
I love this website. I told my daughter , who is a single mom, about it so she could see things to do with her little son. Thanks!
Love Utah! Love this site! It's so great to see support for local business and events!
Haley Smith
I love this blog! I really don't see anything I would suggest fixing, honestly. BUT, maybe put activities, places, etc. in age categories. I have an almost 2 year old and would LOVE to find more places to take him to explore :)
Thanks for all your fabulous ideas and fun things to do The site is awesome
I love your blog! I especially love that you've highlighted so many places in Ogden. I would also love a way to quickly search past entries based on the city/area.
Hey! We try really hard to use our "Tags" at the bottom of each post. Try clicking on those to search by city. We're working on getting a map feature too.
Tara W.
We are so excited for this to open up in Ogden. There are so many great things going on up here. Thanks for categorizing everything to make things easy to find.
Would love to go back to this museum!
Crystal Polson
I love your reviews and ideas of places to go & things to do. Thank you for such a fun Utah resource.
I love this restaurant! I've only been for brunch with the gals, but I'm a part-time bonus mama over the summer and I'm always looking for great places to take my little lady! I moved here a few months ago and my husband stayed in ND for work (which isn't good at all right now) so I'm alone all of the time. Once M gets here this summer, she's got art camp and yoga camp and we would really enjoy museum passes!! Gotta keep busy to help the time pass!! Thanks for doing this! Yay!
I'd love a section on activities or places to do with kids with special needs.
We're working hard on this idea too. We have some nieces with special needs, so we're trying to figure out something. Let us know if you have any thoughts or cool places specific to this!
Allison Jarrett
I've never had chicken and waffles, but I obviously need to try them! So the biggest question is: how do I choose who comes with me? ;)
Allison jarrett
I've never tried chicken and waffles, but I obviously need to!!! So the burning question: is how do I choose who to take with me? ;)
Kierste Carter
Our new years resolution was to have more fun, even though our budget's tight. I've loved so many of your suggestions and added them to our to-do list. No suggestions for you, I love what you're doing, but if you ever want help or ideas for Be County or St. George, let me know I'd love to collab.
We try to tag "free" at the bottom of each post. They're in a pink color, so be sure to click on those. Also, what is Be County? Let's do it! E-mail us we'd love to get together. Where are you located?
Naava Rockwood
With 4 kids we are always looking for fun things to do in Utah. Thanks for providing us with ideas! Good job!
I'm not sure what I would suggest for you to change. I love all the photos, they really present each activity really well!
Megan L.
Found you on Instagram and enjoy seeing your adventures. Exploring and food are two of my favorite things! When I saw your giveaway for Pig and a Jelly Jar I got so excited. I love that place! Looks like your blog has even more great info I need to read. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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