Giveaway | Budgeting "Fun" Money for the Family

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Giveaway | Budgeting "Fun" Money for the Family

With the new year and new goals around our home, we've been working on redoing our family budget. I want our kids to grow up learning to value experiences over things and we've been dejunking and redirecting our spending to reflect these goals. Then we found out a couple of weeks ago that Zions Bank is hosting a series of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University courses all around Utah and Idaho in the next few weeks.

For those that don't know it is a 9 week course that teaches everything from insurance, retirement and college planning, real estate and mortgages. I've heard great things about his financial plans and his program and started looking into it when I discovered that you don't sign up as individuals, you sign up as a household and EVERYONE in the household ages 19 and under gets a LIFETIME membership. Now our kids are still young and probably won't attend with us but really I got excited that they can repeat the course themselves if they ever want. So we signed up to take one of their classes that starts next week and at some point my kids will be required to sit through it before they graduate high school we decided! And in the meantime we found out that Dave Ramsey has created a Financial Peace Jr. Kit that teaches kids about smart money management that we are considering getting and going over with the little ones.

I'm excited, we don't have debt that we need to dig ourselves out of, but I think it is always good to learn to stay on top of your finances and remain in control of your spending and this seems like a good motivator to get us to recommit and do better at spending our money on experiences and plan for the future, rather than buying more "stuff". Best of all the people at Zions Bank have agreed to cover the tuition for one of our readers so that you and your entire household can attend and learn right along with us. For more details you can check out Dave Ramsey's website or Zions Bank's website or click here for a list of times, dates and locations around Utah.


To enter to win a household lifetime membership from Zions Bank simply comment below and let us know that you would like to attend as well!

We also wanted to share one of our favorite family outings that shows you can have fun together and create memories as a family without spending a ton of money. In the summertime that means lots of outdoor exploration, but it gets harder in the long winter months so we have loved attending Layton Surf 'N Swims $1 open plunge on Wednesday nights.

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We would love to attend! We have always been pretty good with money but would love to learn how to be even better!
Jill Gibby
We could totally use this in our family. Thanks for the information!
Courtney Lyle
We would LOVE to attend this! It's just what we need to get our whole family on the same page.
Katie O
I was so excited to see this giveaway in my feed today! I just got a copy of Dave Ramsey's "total money makeover" and I can't put it down. We would be so excited to attend this program and help us achieve all of our financial goals
My family would love this! There is so much we could learn from this program :)
Erin Olson
Is this even real life? This giveaway seems too good!
We just paid off our student loans and became debt free! Would love to attend this and get ahead!
Who wouldn't want to get out of debt and stay out?!
Emily mirris
We so need this right now! I've just been learning about Dave Ramsey and getting motivated to get out of student loan debt. Thanks for the great website!
How cool! We need this so badly for our growing family.
I love Dave Ramsey! We followed his plan to get out of debt and saved enough to pay for our daughter's birth. We'd love to attend Financial Peace University!
What a great giveaway! I'd love to win!!
I think this is good for everyone. We'd love to go too
Fabiola Jamieson
Wow! I'd love the opportunity to attend Financial Peace University! I've been listening to Dave recently and have tried sharing the information with my husband, but a class we could both attend would be ever so helpful to get us on the same page.
Courtney Hardy
Wow, thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing prize! This would be so incredible for our family. Fingers and toes crossed!
Michelle Carter
I've wanted to do this for a few years, sounds like a great learning experience.
Shanlee Pierson
We want to attend!! We are huge Dave Ramsey fans and are working through our debt snowball.
Greg Lyle
I have read some of Dave's books and would love to attend

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