Feature Friday | Bryce's National Park Videos

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Feature Friday | Bryce's National Park Videos

Remember, the National Parks are FREE this Monday, January 19th. 

To get you all excited for it, we've go these awesome videos by Bryce!  Have you guys seen the National Park Posters that are retro style?   I've made it a personal goal to get all of them, we've got a wall just waiting to be adorned with them.

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While searching Instagram (which, do you guys follow our account yet?  http://instagram.com/saltproject.co/) I came across Bryce's National Park videos.  I found them stunning, luckily, he said he'd share them with The Salt Project!  We know you'll like them. 

Bryce: Over the last few years my wife and I have gone on a few road trips down to Southern Utah to visit the national parks. One of the great things about living in Utah is we have access to so many great parks within a few hours. It’s become sort of a yearly tradition for us now. Neither one of us have really been big hikers, so it was a challenge at first. The great thing about these parks is that there are hikes for all abilities. This last year on our trip to Zion National Park we were able to do some of the more strenuous hikes. It was really spectacular.

While looking for some art for our home we found some vintage style posters of Utah’s national parks. I really liked the design of these posters and wanted to create something else with them. For a small project I decided to create a series of videos highlighting each park. I scanned the posters on my computer and separated each layer. In my video editing program I reassembled the layers to create the video.  Hope you like them!

Animated National Park Posters - Arches National Park from Bryce Buchanan on Vimeo.

Arches National Park
Arches seems like a great place to do some night photography. I work in planetarium show production and have coworkers that have gone down to Arches many times to take some striking images by Delicate Arch. In this video I wanted to create a time-lapse video going from a night sky through the sunrise at Delicate Arch.

Poster Artist: CD Cross
Music: M Ward - To Go Home

Animated National Park Posters - Capitol Reef National Park from Bryce Buchanan on Vimeo.

Capitol Reef National Park 
Driving through the parks is spectacular enough. Since this poster highlighted the Capitol Reef scenic drive I had the car driving through the narrow canyon. 

Poster Artist: John H. Clark
Music: The Head and the Heart - Down if the Valley

Animated National Park Posters - Zion National Park from Bryce Buchanan on Vimeo.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is great in all seasons. The fall foliage offers some great color to the park. Everywhere you go in the park there is a great view.
Poster Artist: CD Cross

Music: Band of Annuals - Blood on My Shirt

Animated National Park Posters - Canyonlands National Park from Bryce Buchanan on Vimeo.

Canyonlands National Park
This video was my favorite of the whole series. I love the view from Mesa Arch. There is just so much to see from that viewpoint. In this video I decided to move through the distant rock formations back into the arch.

Poster Artist: CD Cross
Music: Tiger Army - Outlaw Heart

Animated National Park Posters - Bryce Canyon National Park from Bryce Buchanan on Vimeo.

Bryce Canyon National Park
There are a lot of small details in this poster. I wanted to focus on the rider and slowly move back revealing the rest of the scene.

Poster Artist: CD Cross 
Music: Ray LaMontagne - Lavender

Header photo used from here.

Which is your favorite video?  

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