Easy Heart Lights for the Holidays

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Easy Heart Lights for the Holidays

Taking pictures of Christmas lights is one of my favorite things to photograph in the winter! I was doing some creative shooting last week and thought I would share how to do it with y'all!

Here are some examples of the lights I photographed with my homemade "heart filter".



Even the traffic and traffic lights look beautiful in "heart bokeh"

Ok, here is how you make heart Bokeh (blurred lights). You can make any shape you wish.

Start with your DSLR (removable lens) camera. You might be able to do this with a basic digital camera if you are able to control the focus. It's worth a try.

1st, Take a pencil and trace the circumference of the lens and cut the circle out. Then cut out the shape you want to see in the lights. Make sure the shape is in the exact center of your cut-out.

If you have a lens cover, just removed it, place the cut-out on the lens...

then cover the lens and cut-out with the lens cover.

Then you are ready to shoot! PS, if you don't have a lens cover, thats ok, you will just want to place the cut out on the "outside" of your lens. The trick is not to let ANY light into the lens, except through the shape that you cut out. So make sure the cut-out is secured around the lens with more paper and tape to block the light.

Ok, now you are ready to shoot. To make the "bokeh" aka "blurred light" the lights need to be out of focus. You can do this one of two way. 1st, focus on something in front of the lights, so the lights are in the back ground and will then be blurry, or 2nd, switch your camera to "M" aka "manual" and manually turn your lens to your desired bokeh or blur and then snap your picture! This is such a fun activity for kids, mine are obsessed and stole my camera for hours so they could shoot lights. Some of the photos above were taken by my 8 year old.

Have a Merry Christmas! And have fun with your creative photos!


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