Crystal Hot Springs | Honeyville

Crystal Hot Springs | Honeyville

Did you guys check out Adam's post from yesterday?  He wrote about his experience at Crystal Hot Springs. 

Here's a few of The Salt Project's visit.

Visitor Info

Check out their website as they vary depending on the season
Entrance Fee(s): 
Adult $7
Senior Citizens $5
Children (Agest3-12) $5
Ages 2 and under (Swimmer diapers are required even if toilet trained.) Free
Helpful Tips: 

Babies can go too!  The pools vary in temperature and are fine for little babies.  (Ours were 9 months and 6 months.)  The water keeps them quite warm.

They have floatie toys there to share with everyone.

The Slides are definitely worth it.

Sometimes there are Groupon deals for the Hot Springs, check before you head out! 

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