Clean the Sink at Angie's | Grubbin'

Clean the Sink at Angie's | Grubbin'

Their faces says it all. Do I really need to write this post? We heard about The Kitchen Sink right here on this little blog. Harmony mentioned it in a post a couple weeks ago and I was like "I'm SO adding that to my summer bucket list"! Well, we happened to be in town to hunt down the rumored fireflies and we were starving from paddle boarding and running through the Poppies in Mantua so we ran over to Angie's in Logan to take the challenge. If you clean the kitchen sink you win a bumper sticker! 

You can't have ice cream without nachos. Am I right?

We cleaned it, but only by filling every ones bowls full of ice cream (after we had all eaten 2-3 bowls each).

We had 4 adults and 6 1/2 kids! And still couldn't clean the sink.

I blame the nachos. I'm so disappointed. I really thought we could do it.

 But we will just have to try harder next time! Or we can just go and try their pie, it looked pretty tasty.


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