Behind the Salt Project | Harmony

Behind the Salt Project | Harmony

Where to begin...

I am a half-Asian-Caucasian at 5'1/2" tall.

I married my roommates-husbands-roommate, his name is Derek, but I mainly refer to him as "The Husband."

The Husband is calm, confident and freckled.

We've been married 10 years.

Our first love is fur baby "The Kona."

It took us 5 years to have the #ohniceandchubbybabies.

Aiko is a bossy almost three year old.

Orion is known as "Little Brother."

Orion is named after the constellation.

I am known as "Mother Chaos."

My house is always messy.

I've always wanted to be an allstar soccer player.

I'm a FootZoner.

I'm one of "those" food people.

I believe in God.

I really like clothing and accessories, yet I really prefer to be known as a tomboy.

I got my degree in Construction Management.

I want a llama or a donkey, badly.

I thrift on a regular basis.

I had dreadlocks.

I really like dirt.

I'm kind of terrible at gardening, but do it anyway.

I'm a serious booknerd.

LOTR is life.

(Family Illustration by my cousin Mari Collins.)


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