Best of 2016 : Top Salt Project Posts

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Best of 2016 : Top Salt Project Posts

Happy New Year! We hope you had an awesome 2016. If you did a year in review on social media, #thesaltproject so we can check out your adventures!

We thought it would be fun to show you The Salt Project's top 5 posts of 2016! Apparently, they are your favorites!

1 - 35 Northern Utah Hikes So Easy You should Take Your Grandma

This one caused quite the controversy, in the end, we basically found out you all love to hike. 

2 - Glitter Mountain

It's been a favorite for a few years running, we've seen many of your Glitter Mountain adventures. We love it!

3 - 25 Stroller Friendly Trails in Utah

Because let's face it, hiking with kids can be touch, especially with multiple kids who can't carry themselves. Some of these trails are ADA friendly too!

4- Rainy Day Activities in Utah

This is an oldy too, it's been in the top ten for the past two years. 

5 - r.a.m.p. | Free Saturday Activities

Even though this is mainly Weber County, we've heard the call. Who doesn't love free activities?

We're excited to see what 2017 has to bring. We've barely scratched the surface with things to do in Utah, so be prepared for some awesome new finds! As always, #THESALTPROJECT we want to see some #UTAWESOME adventures. 


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