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6 Tips for Legoland on a Budget | Road Trippin'

My husband had just decided to go back to school and we wanted to take a quick vacay before he hit the books and we never saw him again. We also wanted to avoid student loans and debt so that meant we had to stick to a budget for this trip. Besides, I'm a firm believer in paying cash for vacays. You never want to pay for a vacation AFTER you take it. And even worse, pay extra for it with all of that interest!

Here are 6 Tips for saving money on your trip!

Tip #1 Pack Food

Legoland allows outside food into the park. Bless you Legoland! We had a stroller for the baby, so we packed fruit, snacks, and PB&J's for the win! The park closed at 5, so we picked up dinner on our way back to San Diego.

Tip #2 Be Early

Get there early so you can get your moneys worth. We went in the off months and they were only open 10-5. I don't know if we should admit this but... we were the first car in line for the gates to open. We were staying about 45 minutes away so we had a bit of a drive that morning and ended up arriving before they opened. And we wouldn't have done it any other way. We got front row parking and were able to get tickets quickly and get in line to enter. While we were in line, we searched out the map. We were first timers and wanted to get an idea of where we should head first.

Tip #3 Ride now, Play later

We made the mistake of checking out some of the little shops when we first arrived. We didn't want to be the crazy parents that were dragging their kids along from ride to ride as fast as we could go, but I did want to ride all the rides. Is that to much to ask? One of the stops was a "build your own Lego and race it 187 times down a track" spot. If you know my oldest, he could build Legos all day every day. So I couldn't have just left him here for the day and picked him up on our way out. After a few races I had to encourage them to go check out the rest of the park. We did and ended up having so much more fun! So just a word of advice, ride the rides, you can play with Legos at home. Just sayin'

Tip #4 Parent Swap

I didn't even know this was a thing until the end of the day. Since we had a baby, only 1 of us could ride with the kids at a time so we took turns every other ride. Little did I know about a little magical thing called Parent Swap. You wait in line as a family (or one parent with baby at the gate). After Dad rides with the kids, he swap places with mom, takes over baby watch, and mom gets to ride the ride with the kids! Kids get to go 2 times in a row! No lines, no fuss. I was like WHAT?!?! So fun for the kids and so nice for Mom and Dad so we didn't have to miss out.

Tip #5 Lego Swap

Now, if you read THIS POST, then you know that this entire vacay was a surprise! My kids had no clue we were coming. And we didn't even know if we were going to Legoland for sure. We left it up to the kids to decided our 1 big day. Their choices were D-land, The Zoo, or Legoland. I'm so glad they picked Legoland! My oldest was 9 and I knew we had a small window of time before he might be to big and not enjoy it as much. I packed about a dozen of their most generic, least played with Lego guys for them to swap at the park. You can walk up to any employee and swap them for any Lego guy that they have and you can do it as many times as you want! This was a huge hit for the kids, they got new Legos for FREE! 


If you don't receive the FREE Lego magazine in the mail every month, get on-line and order one today! In every magazine you can find a FREE ticket for a child pass to Legoland with the purchase of an adult ticket. We had 2 paying adults, so we got 2 kids in for FREE and only had to pay for 1 child (3 and under are FREE). 

We shut the place down! BAM! I really really LOVE roller coasters and Legoland had some pretty fun ones and they were kid friendly, so I didn't have to ride alone like usual. 

One more Tip: Some of the rides are for littles only, some are for bigs only, be sure to check your map. A lot of the rides were for the whole fam (even the baby) so those were really fun, but don't forget about the parent swap for the big kids only rides. 

Have fun!


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