Birdsong Trail The other morning my friend asked if I wanted to hike/bike the Birdsong Trail in Ogden. I hadn't been on the trail for a number of years and was really thrown off when my friend said it's "mostly shaded." The Birdsong Trail I went on years ago didn't have much shade, so I was really curious. Little did I know there was another section right off Taylor street and it really was "mostly shaded!" Read more
GetOutPass | Aqua X Zone | Jordanelle Reservoir State Park A few weeks ago we used our GetOutPass at Aqua X Zone at Jordanelle Reservoir State Park! It's our first time using the GetOutPass and I don't know why we waited so long! You'll need to log into your phone GetOutPass and the Aqua X Zone people will redeem your ticket. (You do have to pay the Utah State Park Fees to get in.) Read more
Paper Airplane Trail at Powder Mountain We've been seeing photos here and there of a giant paper airplane on Powder Mountain and we finally found it. Not that it's hard, but I was a little intimidated because all the photos I've seen have people on mountain bikes. I did a little research and found out it was a beginner trail (for adults) and figured the kids could probably do the .9 (ish) ride down the mountain.  Read more
Love Letters Coupon Love Letters at the Gateway is the PERFECT summer activity! Not too hot and not too cold. Inside that is. We've got a discount below so be sure to redeem when you purchase! Read more
Cherry Hill | 12 Utah Staycations Cherry Hill! It's been around for over 50 years! What started out as a farm, then a place to camp and then a theme park has become quite the Davis County Icon. We're super excited to team up with Play in Davis to giveaway a whole Staycation + tickets to Cherry Hill!  Read more
2 Epic Days in Davis County | 12 Utah Staycations PHEW! We've just finished a Staycation in Davis County and we have partnered up with Davis County to giveaway a Davis County Family Staycation! Be sure to enter here! Read more
Tortilla Union Southwest Grill | 12 Utah Staycations We've teamed up with Davis County to show off this awesome restaurant located at Station Park in Farmington: Tortilla Union! Read more
Hyatt Place Farmington Station | 12 Utah Staycations For our Davis Staycation, we stayed at The Hyatt Place in Farmington Station and it was amazing! Here are a few reasons why!  Read more
The Rush Funplex | 12 Utah Staycations Man. It is HOT outside! This Staycation felt a little different because we did quite a bit inside, but we aren't complaining! Plus, it RAINED again?! This summer sure has been weird. The Rush Funplex is the BIGGEST indoor playground in Utah! You literally could spend HOURS here. We were there for 3 hours and barely scratched the surface! Read more