Prime Day Salt Project Favorites

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Just a few of our favorite things that we actually own!

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Hall of Breakfast at The Gateway Encore!

Hall of Breakfast is now open through the end of July and The Salt Project couldn't be happier! Check out our original post here. We're heading into the depths of the kitchen fridge again and bringing you a new coupon (below!)

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Carver's Cove Petting Farm

I don't know how your summer is going but has anyone else's kids been sick forever!! It's kind of maddening. One kid gets it and everyone after that. It goes on for weeks.

Luckily, my sister asked if we wanted to go for a drive. It's the perfect thing to do with one baby getting over sickness + her older brother and sister who just started getting sick. We drove up to Causey Reservoir and I seriously wished everyone felt better, the water was calling us.

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13 Things to do in the Tiny Town of Fairview Go fishing at all the different reservoirs.

We’ve been fishing at Huntington Reservoir, Electric Lake, Cleveland Reservoir, Miller’s Flat and Gooseberry Reservoir.

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Fishing near Fairview

One of the hidden gems about Fairview, is that it’s close to ALLLLLL the fishing spots. Except for all the people catching fish, wasn't us. So we don't actually have any photos of us catching fish...but others were. Ha.

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Camping at Skyline Mountain Resort in Fairview

I love visiting the tiny towns of Utah. Staying for a day or two makes all the difference and helps give you a feel for the speed of the town. Fairview (Population 1247) was our chosen destination for camping.

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Tap-Z-Log Grill & Restaurant

While this isn't technically in Fariview, Tap-Z-Log is in another tiny town down the street called Mount Pleasant. (Population 3,300) A few weeks before camping we were headed to Spring City and happened to stop here for some food. Yelp had some good ratings and our options were limited.

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Draper City Splash Pad

This summer, my boys and I have been visiting as many local splash parks as we can to try and choose which one is our favorite. The Draper City Splash Pad is brand new, just opened this May, and it's was a blast to explore.

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Sandy Amphitheater Splash Park

Alex is here to tell us about her favorite Splash Pad!

My boys and I have been exploring local splash parks to try and figure out which one is our favorite. Right now, it's the one at the Sandy Amphitheater! 

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Corner Station Deli & Co-op

Who knew such a tiny town could have such a delicious little stop? We've actually stopped here twice in the past month. (when we visited Spring City and then camping in Fairview.) Both times we were super happy with our food!

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