Picture This Utah Christmas at Trolley Square Discount/Coupon I'll admit, I wasn't quite ready to embrace the Christmas Spirit but after visiting the new Pop-Up Picture This Christmas at Trolley Square today, I'm ready to embrace it ALL! The kids loved all the activities and I loved all the Christmas music! Each area was a fun, different Christmas theme.  Read more
Black Friday Deals in Utah We've got a few Black Friday Deals for you! Christmas is right around the corner and all of these are perfect! Read more
Follow The Flag in North Ogden Today we hiked the 5 miles to Cold Water Canyon to view the world's biggest American flag. This American flag was hung to honor the late Mayor of North Ogden, Major Brent Taylor, who died serving his country and to honor all those who have served/serving.  Read more
Salt Project RV Packing List | 12 Utah Staycations We've now been on two RV Trips. (Thanks to Access RV) While this doesn't make us pros, one of our trips was over 10 days cross country while our Utah RV Staycation was 4 days and 3 nights. RVing is basically like camping, you have to bring everything! Even though you might think you are overpacking, you really aren't. I'd say 95% of the stuff we packed this we actually used. Read more
Utah RV Itinerary with Access RV | 12 Utah Staycations We're rounding up our Utah RV Itinerary! We traveled all around the Great Salt Lake and went to all the obscure places in Utah! Check out our RV map below! Have you entered to win our Family RV Staycation Giveaway? We've partnered up with local company, Access RV to giveaway a 5 Night Rental! Go and enter here!  Read more
The Bug House | 12 Utah Staycations If you've been following along on our RV Staycation, you know that we love rocks. I mean, we just visited the Dugway Geode Beds and U-Dig Fossils, so it only seemed natural to visit an actual rock shop! We visited the Bug House in Delta. It's locally owned and mines many of their own rocks!  Read more
Topaz Internment Camp Site | 12 Utah Staycations We headed out to the Topaz Internment Camp Site just outside of Delta on Sunday morning. While there isn't much out there, I really wanted to see for myself where the Japanese people were moved too. Since I had already cried the day before at the Topaz Museum, I felt much more prepared for the site itself.  Read more
U-Dig Fossils | Dig for Trilobites | 12 Utah Staycations I've been waiting to go to U-Dig Fossils in Delta for YEARS! Years. Read more
Saratoga Hot Springs | 12 Utah Staycations The first time I heard about these hot springs was last Oct 2018. I was participating in the Questival Race and one of our challenges was to jump into a natural hot spring. It was late, dark, and FREEZING! We parked, changed into swimmers, ran down the path in the dark, had no idea what we were jumping into, stayed for a minute and then ran back to the car so we could compete another challenge. Read more
Great Basin Museum | 12 Utah Staycations We were headed to the Topaz Museum in Delta and stumbled across the Great Basin Museum which just happens to be next door. So, of course, we stopped in. Read more