Space Dogs Adventure to The Moon

We were invited to attend the premier of Space Dogs Adventure to The Moon, which opens in theaters today, August 26th!

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Finding Moqui Balls in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

At Mile Marker 70, just outside of Escalante is a dirt road. A lovely dirt road. A dirt road that may not always be passable in rain or snow. We quickly came upon a sandy bank that stopped us in our little white Camry. My husband, being the safe one, went and walked the sand bank and looked at it from every angle. He came back and told us it was probably not passable.

To say that I was disappointed was an understatement. We started the car around all the while I was complaining loudly.

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Giveaway | Rock Tumbling

The 2016 Olympics have the kids all excited about trying new things!

Breckyn (9) has taken classes at The Rock for 2 years now. They just opened their NEW location in Riverdale and she was jumping up and down, excited to go check it out. Her brothers (11 & 5) wanted to try a trick class and Breckyn wanted to try out a cheer class to see if it's something she might be interested in.

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Lake Powell With Kids

Lake Powell is amazing. Lake Powell with kids is amazing and entertaining. Lets face it, you go on a vacation without the kids and all you can think about is how much fun they would be having if you had brought them, or everything you do and see, you're think about how much the kids would love to see it or be doing it too. We've all been there. Now I'm not saying to never leave the kids home, I'm just saying that traveling with kids, seeing the world through their eyes is pretty amazing and I never regret bringing them along.

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Weber River by Ogden Dog Park

After doing a short, but hot hike in Ogden Canyon, we decided to head down to the river.

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