Peach Days in Brigham City | 12 Utah Staycations Was it just by chance The Salt Project planned a Staycation during Peach Days in Brigham City? NOPE! Neither Steph nor I had been to Peach Days and have always wanted too! Thanks to our awesome partner; Box Elder County for making dreams come true!  Read more
The Rusted Spoon | 12 Utah Staycations The Rusted Spoon is a super cute diner located right off Utah's Famous Fruit Highway in Perry! We happened upon The Rusted Spoon a few years ago and LOVED the atmosphere and food!  Read more
Willard Bay State Park Cabins | 12 Utah Staycations I'm not sure we've ever been to Willard Bay State Park to actually swim, but we have been to their Christmas Light show! We were SUPER excited to visit, especially since we were staying at the Cabins at Willard Bay! Thanks to our partners at Box Elder County for setting up our stay! Read more
Mantua Reservoir | 12 Utah Staycations Right next door to the Little Valley Country Store is Mantua Reservoir! It's a beautiful reservoir that's normally a good place to go swimming. Except this time of the year the water has been sitting a while and now people are told not to go swimming because of swimmer's itch. We've gone plenty of times previously and never had a problem.  Read more
Mantua Monster at the Little Valley Country Store | 12 Utah Staycations On our way back from Inspiration Point we stopped for lunch at Little Valley Country Store in Mantua! Home of the 25 cent ice cream cones and the Mantua Monster Burger!! Read more
Inspiration Point | 12 Utah Staycations Inspiration Point is a 13.2 mile dirt road that starts in Mantua and leads you all the way up to the peak of the mountains! While it's a fairly easy drive for any 4x4 vehicle, we would not recommend it for any other type of vehicle. It's SUPER fun, but can get tricky with all the bumps and rocks. We've tried driving up to Inspiration Point a few times in the past but we were blocked by snow. This time, the gates were open and we didn't see ANY snow. (September 8) Read more
Maddox Ranch House | 12 Utah Staycations How many times have you driven by Box Elder County's iconic Maddox Ranch House? Too many?! Have you ever stopped?! Because if you haven't, you haven't lived! Maddox Ranch House is right at the mouth of Sardine Canyon and is one of the most family-friendly places around! Read more
Utah's Famous Fruit Highway | 12 Utah Staycations One of my favorite things to do in the fall is driving Utah's Famous Fruit Highway! Along old highway 89, from July until October, you can find all the fruit stands from Perry to Brigham City. We saw Cherry Concentrate, Watermelons, squash, onions and all sorts of stands. We chose to stop at Tagge's Famous Fruit Farm Stand.  Read more
Discount Coupon Code for 2019 Pumpkin Nights Pumpkin Nights is BACK! Tickets are already on sale! Pumpkin Nights is located in 5 different locations, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Santa Rosa CA and The Salt Project has a discount code that's good for ALL of them! Read more
Brigham City Staycation Giveaway | 12 Utah Staycations We JUST finished our 9th Staycation to Brigham City in Box Elder County in Utah!! We are SO excited to partner up with Box Elder County to giveaway an ENTIRE Staycation to one of you! We'll be writing all about our experience throughout the week but you can enter the Staycation NOW! Be sure to check back every day, because you can always enter again!  Enter Below! Read more