Culver's | Grubbin'

After our trip to Thanksgiving Point, we were starving. I'm a sucker for burger and fries, add in frozen custard and I'm SO THERE! I had never been to Culver's before, and y'all know how I love trying new places.

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Fall & Halloween Deals and Things to Do!

Fall is here and it seems like the list of Fall/Halloween Activities grow each year!

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Capitol Reef National Park Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Capitol Reef! We only spent half a day in Capitol Reef National Park, so here's the 3 things we did.

1. Visit Goosenecks Overlook

We woke up from The Broken Spur Inn, had a delicious breakfast and headed out. It was fairly cool for being the middle of the desert, but after 15 minutes walking out to Goosenecks Overlook we were sweating! We were soon taking off all the layers we had so carefully put on.

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Capitol Reef National Park

We woke up from our stay at Escalante Outfitters, walked the slot canyon near Boulder and after half a day of exploring, we finally made it to Torrey Utah. You might be wondering where all these little towns are in Utah, well, South-Central Utah is the best description.

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Broken Spur Inn | Torrey

Welcome, to The Broken Spur Inn! I was pretty excited to stay here. It has an awesome view, swimming pool, home baked goods, restaurant and cowboy attire. All things to make the perfect stay.

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